What to do
in the province of Latina

Caetani castle

It is located in the upper part of the historic center and is one of the most important monuments of the Lepini Mountains. Its complex and articulated architecture is testimony of events, wars and peace and presents a high stratification that tells it. During the summer it hosts interesting events and can be visited through guided tours managed by the Caetani Foundation.

Ninfa garden

The garden of Ninfa is a natural monument of the Italian Republic located in the territory of the municipality of Cisterna di Latina, on the border with Norma and Sermoneta. It is a typical English garden, begun by Gelasio Caetani in 1921, in the area of ​​the disappeared medieval town of Ninfa, of which today only several ruins remain, some of which were restored during the creation of the garden.

Flying in The Sky

The flight of the peregrine falcon in Rocca Massima is a unique experience, one that will never be forgotten in life, suspended hundreds of meters high, whizzing at full speed up to 172 km / h. Flying in the Sky is an adrenaline-pumping experience for brave hearts to do even as a couple.

Horseback riding

In the countryside of the Pontine area there is the possibility of long horseback rides both inside and on the beach up to Torre Paola or on Lake Fogliano or in the mountains in the splendid Lepine Mountains with breathtaking views.

Canoeing on the Cavata River

The Cavata river rises at the base of the Lepini Mountains and crosses suggestive places which, by a true miracle, have survived deforestation and the exploitation of the land for agricultural purposes. We start with the canoe right at the origins of the river under the magnificent landscape of the medieval village of Sermoneta. We are sailing on the edge of the Regional Natural Monument “Monticchio spring waters” . A suggestive excursion to enjoy as a couple, with friends or with the whole family.